“Why Is Washington So Mad at People Who Won’t Get Vaccinated” Tucker Carlson Continues His Crusade Against Inoculations

Since Donald Trump left office, Fox host Tucker Carlson has amped up his conspiracy mongering. A regular topic of conversation for the host has been vaccines and their efficacy. As he raises doubt about the shots, Carlson says he’s not anti-vaccine, he’s just asking questions.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Carlson nightly attack on vaccinations have gotten so bad that he was called out on the senate floor yesterday by Illinois Democrat Dick Durbin. The Fox host responded to those comments during his show last night by again going on an anti-vaccine tirade.

“If the government can ban discussion of the drug they are making you take, what can’t they do? And, by the way, it’s worth wondering, why are they doing this now,” the host began. “Why are they expanding censorship of conversation about the pandemic as the pandemic recedes? The COVID vaccines have been around for more than seven months, pretty much everyone who wants one has had one. You can get the shot very easily, they’re free. According to the administration, this vaccine works perfectly and that means that vaccinated people are protected from COVID, they’re bulletproof, they can’t get sick. That’s why they took the vaccine in the first place.”

Carlson closed, “So why is official Washington so angry at the people who won’t get vaccinated? How precisely do they pose a threat? It makes you think, once you think about it, that maybe none of this is really about COVID. Maybe it’s about social control.”


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