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Why Is Walmart Selling Anti-Biden Merchandise?

Why Is Walmart Selling Anti-Biden Merchandise?

Nobody has ever mistaken their local Walmart for a high-end retailer. The company prides itself on offering the lowest prices on their merchandise, but they also have a rep for attracting society’s lowest common denominators. The infamous “People of Walmart” website showcased the, er, clientele showing off body parts that aren’t supposed to be seen in public, plenty of missing teeth, and egregious lapses in both parenting and basic public decorum.

But Walmart has had the occasional good press, like when they stopped selling assault weapons and banned any from openly carrying in any of their stores. But then a pesky little truth will pop up, like they really don’t take very good care of their employees while being run by one of the richest families in America.

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However, the powers that be at Walmart HQ absolutely know who the bulk of their shoppers are and they still find plenty of ways to cater to them. Exhibit A: these people abided by the store’s mask policy, but nobody seemed to have a problem with the design, yikes.

walmart bans Nazi swastika mask couple
[Screenshot via Raphaela Mueller/Facebook]
Exhibit B: pro-Trump merch on their website! Like, the day this commentary was written, not last year.


Exhibit C: Walmart Cart fight!



So, really, is it any wonder there’s even worse stuff on Walmart’s website? Because there’s even worse stuff. Check out what our pal Patriot Takes found:

The MAGA kids made up the whole dumb “Let’s Go Brandon” thing because they have a median maturity age of about 6 1/2 years old. It’s already been appropriated as “#ThanksBrandon” by Liberal Twitter, as they always do when MAGAts do a dumb hashtag. Selling shirts with #FJB (the JB is Joe Biden, guess what the F stands for?) sure seems extra disrespectful from a company so gung ho on being 100% all-American. Or maybe they really aren’t.

Caveat emptor, shoppers.

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