Why Is Trump Hiding From the Press?

Donald Trump hasn't made a public appearance in eleven days.

Conversely, President Joe Biden has made over 20 public appearances and sat down for several interviews in the same time period.

Where's Donald?

Trump was clocked for making over 50 false claims at the debate on June 27th, but with the media laser-focused on Joe Biden's performance rather than his content, it's another detail that's slipped away thanks to the MSM.

Despite all of the crowing from his team--and his mocking of Fox News for featuring a Biden surrogate--Trump still hadn't emerged from his golf bunker on Monday.

Could it be that his handlers don't want him faced with questions about the newest Jeffrey Epstein bombshell?

You might recall that when Trump sat down with the Brain Trust from Fox, he told them he would "declassify" the JFK FIles and the 9/11 Files, but tripped over his own words when asked about the Jeffrey Epstein case files. 

While Trump would most likely never sit down with a journalist who wasn't already loyal to him--he turned down a request from ABC News at the same time Joe Biden agreed to sit down with (the very disrespectful and ageist) George Stephanopolous--he's still going to eventually be confronted now that the graphic details are public.

There's also the issue of Project 2025. Trump claims he's never heard of it, which means he's heard of it. 

Except here's Trump with Kevin "KKKevin" Roberts, a Heritage Foundation hater and one of the key architects behind Project 2025. I guess he was the coffee boy, huh Felonious Trump?

It's kind of hard to deny this, so I guess that's why Trump is hiding.

You're going to have to leave the bunker sometime, King Wannabe. This Epstein story won't be going away, but you and everyone who's helping you will be.

[A request for a comment from the Trump campaign had not been responded to at press time]