Why is Donald Trump Warning Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley to Be Very Careful?

Donald Trump, of course, won the Republican primary in 2016. What many people don't remember is that Ted Cruz was the runner-up. Despite a bit of a bruising primary battle, with Trump calling Cruz's wife ugly and Cruz refusing to endorse Trump during the Republican Convention. 

Cruz and fellow Republican senator, Josh Hawley, are two of the biggest opportunists in politics. They both attached themselves to Trump during his term, thinking it could help their prospects in the Republican party. And they both played a big role in the attempt to steal the election. 

All 100 Senate seats will be hotly contested, but Democrats think they have a chance to turn over both Cruz and Hawley's seats. Trump wrote on Truth Social over the weekend:

"So interesting that the Democrats are looking hard at the Senate races in both Missouri and Texas. Josh and Ted must be very careful. Stranger things have happened!!!"

Both Hawley and Cruz are from red states, but that doesn't mean Democrats can win there. Especially in Missouri. In order to take office, Hawley defeated a Democratic incumbent in Claire McCaskill. 

Things are tougher in Texas for Liberals, but that could be changing too. In 2018, Cruz won his race over Beto O'Rourke by only 2.6 percentage points.