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Why Dogs Are a Politician’s Best Friend

Why Dogs Are a Politician’s Best Friend

Dogs are known to be man’s best friend, and they are also a great ally of politicians. Throughout history, politicians have appeared in public with their beloved dogs and this could help their cause a tremendous amount, often on a subconscious level and not just with fellow dog lovers. Most Presidents have entered the White House with a dog or two, and other political figures around the world are frequently seen with four-legged friends in tow, but how might this help their cause and help them to connect with the public? Keep reading to find out why dogs are also a politician’s best friend.

Humanizes Them

Perhaps the main reason is that a dog will humanize the politician. It can be easy to look at politician’s and see them as bland, robotic, and boring without any kind of personality or life outside of politics, but if they are seen walking or even cuddling a dog, this immediately will humanize them and make them more interesting to the public.

Makes Them More Relatable

Similarly, dogs will also make politicians more relatable. It can be hard for an average Joe to relate to a politician that seemingly spends their entire life wearing a suit and in the public eye, but when they have a dog, they will be much more relatable, and you will get a glimpse of their life “behind the curtain”. Of course, there is the danger that showing off a dog could be seen as using it as a political weapon (often referred to as “puppaganda”), so it is best for politicians to refrain from taking the dog everywhere with them.

Shows That They Are Caring

On a subconscious level, having a dog also shows that the individual is someone that is caring, and this will always appeal to voters. Politicians are often seen as cold, calculating, and acting in their own self-interests, but when they have a dog, it shows that they are clearly caring and compassionate. Also, when the dog is affectionate to them, it shows that they treat it well and are likable.

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If a politician has a dog, then it is vital that they know how to properly look after it, particularly as they will spend a lot of time in the public eye. In addition to obviously a healthy lifestyle, pampering will also be important, and you can find the best dog shampoo for sensitive skin here for a healthy-looking coat that would look great in any photo op.

Makes Them More Interesting

Having a dog will always make someone immediately more interesting, and this is something that every politician strives for. Politicians are often seen as dull and boring with no personality, but if they have a cute dog by their side, people will immediately find them more interesting. Many have gone as far as to set up social media accounts for their dogs, which can be an effective way to bring dog lovers on side.

As you can see, dogs can play a big role in politics and help a politician to find success in a few different ways. 

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