Why Did Matt Gaetz Want The Jeffrey Epstein Investigation Stopped?

Matt Gaetz is going through some things. On top of reportedly being investigated for a relationship that involved taking an underage girl across state lines for sex, there are now stories of him paying women to recruit others for sex with him and his friends.

[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]
However, there’s apparently still more to come out. For instance, CNN is now reporting that Gaetz’s colleagues in the U.S. House say that the Congressman from Florida showed them nude photos of his purported sexual conquests and that he had a reputation for bragging about his sex life.

Bearing all that in mind, let’s talk about Matt Gaetz and the Jeffrey Epstein investigation in 2019. Specifically, in February of 2019, still months before Epstein would be arrested and placed in a Federal prison where he would later die of a purported suicide, there was a widespread call in the U.S. government for an investigation into the circumstances of his previous plea deal.

Specifically, the Miami Herald reported at the time, Alex Acosta, then the Labor Secretary, was being pushed to resign, and there was a call to investigate his role in Epstein’s 2008 plea deal after a federal judge ruled that prosecutors’ failure to inform the underaged victims of the deal violated U.S. law.

Here’s where Gaetz stepped in. “I think it’s a dangerous thing to go back and second-guess decisions that prosecutors have to make in real-time,” he said, though he did say he was “deeply troubled by Mr. Epstein’s actions.”

He claimed that re-examining a prosecutor’s actions after the fact was a “dangerous thing” and would set a dangerous precedent.

Now Gaetz is publicly accused of some of the same crimes as those associated with Epstein. The optics are so bad for him that his communications director, Luke Ball, just quit, as MSNBC‘s Chris Jansing reports.

Currently, Gaetz is denying everything and saying he’s the victim of an extortion plot.

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