Why Are Trump Supporters so Obsessed with Incest?

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I’ve been tweeting towards the president for a little over two years now, and many of you likely have come to realize that I also have a twin brother who has joined in on the Trump fact checking as well. Throughout my Twitter history, I have received thousands upon thousands of attacks, mainly by those supporting the president, and even a few confirmed to have been from Russian troll factories.

While I appreciate those who respond to me in order to argue my opinion on matters, what I don’t usually appreciate are personal attacks on my family, my business and myself. When someone attacks me with a claim that I’m a criminal, that I’m paid by George Soros, or that I’m working for Hillary Clinton, I usually chuckle and move on, but as of late another interesting attack has surfaced, one which almost seems like it’s a part of a wider coordination between accounts.

Over the course of the last few months, I have noticed a number of suspected Russian troll accounts (I’m going on nothing other than the poor English, weird styles of writing, and total obsessions with MAGA), as well as MAGA/Trump supporters replying to my tweets with allegations of odd sex acts, sex crimes and even incest. It’s not just a sporadic unhinged reply every now and then, but waves of attacks which appear to be trying to discredit my factual tweets, as well as some of my own opinions, by pushing me into a corner of a sexual deviant. Below are just a handful of the hundreds, if not thousands of tweets directed at me, doing just that:

Whether the Russian troll farms have been given a directive to attack those on the left as pedophiles, sex deviants and incest-lovers, or Trump supporters on social media merely have an obsession over attacking those they can’t argue with, with such bogus claims, I do not know. What I do know is that when one diminishes criminal and deviant sexual behavior by normalizing it as a joke, no one wins.

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