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Why Are Meidas Touch and Really American Being Censored By YouTube and Facebook?

Why Are Meidas Touch and Really American Being Censored By YouTube and Facebook?

At a time when the truth matters more than ever, why are some of the biggest Resistance content creators being penalized by Facebook and YouTube?

Regular HillReporter readers know our friends Meidas Touch and Really American well by now. Along with other political powerhouses like Eleven Films and Don Winslow, Meidas and Really American were hugely influential during the 2020 Presidential campaign, and their videos absolutely made an impact on voter turnout. At the same time, disinformation was at an all-time high, being enabled by the Zuckerbergverse of apps like Facebook (now known as Meta), Instagram, and WhatsApp. Alternative apps like Telegram, Parler, and Gab also sprouted so that propaganda and hate memes could circulate even faster.

While social media users have plenty to complain about, the videos shared by Really American and others on the left don’t contain imagery that violates terms of service; careful to make sure they’re only sharing the truth while exposing the right, they still find themselves in Twitter jail or bounced from YouTube for what seems like no real reason.

What most likely happened is that the post (originally posted by activist group Call to Activism), triggered the Kyle Rittenhouse algorithm, the MAGA trolls found the post, and then it was reported en masse. This is how the troll farmers really put their minions to work, digitally ravaging the online fields of the good fruit and leaving nothing but scorched earth in their wake.

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There’s a major problem with Customer Service for all of these apps, in that there isn’t any Customer Service at all. You can’t just call up Instagram and tell them that the edited photo you posted of your online harasser wasn’t a violation, but a warning to other women; you just have to live with Instagram suspending you (thanks for literally not being human so I can’t get any of that content back, new Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri).

So while Donald Trump is creating his own online propaganda factory with the help of the QAnons, the truth keeps getting a time-out from the Big Apps. Give our friends Meidas Touch and Really American a follow and show your support, because the First Amendment shouldn’t apply only when you like what someone’s saying.

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