Whoopi Goldberg: Trump Did A Good Job Of Telling Black People How He Feels About Us

Donald Trump wants everyone to vote for him and that includes the country's African Americans. The problem for the former President is that anytime he is talking about Black people, he usually says something racist. 

That certainly happened this weekend when Trump said Black people would like him better because of his indictments and his new sneaker line. The hosts of The View discussed Trump's weekend comments and Whoopi Goldberg was particularly aghast. 

"I'm going to say," she began, "it's not a shock. I've seen what's gone on in the country in the last several years and the things people have been trying to take away. This is not surprising to me, and it has never been surprising. Everybody who lived here knew what he was when he got elected."

Goldberg continued:

"We were trying to tell everybody. And every time somebody said, 'Hey, This is really not a good idea.' People got p---ed off. Now you know. So it's up to you. This is in your hands. So either that's who you want for president, or it isn't. It's that simple. If that's the way you want to live with this cat, just know this is — today it's us. Tomorrow, it's you."

After some more discussion from the panel, the host closed, "that's how she feels about us — the other Americans living in the country with him — and that's how he feels about women too. He was gleeful in the destruction of what he did to a woman's right to choose. He was gleeful."