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Who Else Is Caught Up In Matt Gaetz Scandal?

Who Else Is Caught Up In Matt Gaetz Scandal?

Matt Gaetz is currently in the spotlight after the public learned of an investigation into an allegation that he paid an underaged girl to travel across state lines with him for sex. Now, all his behavior is under scrutiny, and those around him are spilling the beans. However, it’s also becoming clear he may not be the only one sullied by these ongoing revelations.

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As reported earlier this month, rather than defend Gaetz, after the initial news broke, his colleages began to share their own stories of his behavior, with claims ranging from merely unprofessional and predatory to potentially criminal. Former classmates also spoke out.

Those around Gaetz said he shared nude photos of sexual conquests with others, whether on the House floor or at wedding dinners, and that he and other Florida politicians had engaged in a ‘game’ that was essentially a contest for sexual conquests. They described him teaching others how to dodge a drunk driving charge.

One notable thing about these allegations is that, if true, Gaetz didn’t engage in them alone. Now, according to Raw Story, some of Gaetz’ Florida colleagues fear their names will be next to surface in the investigation.

Florida State Representative Carlos Smith(D) entered the Florida House as Matt Gaetz was leaving for the U.S. House, in 2016. He says that he’s watching the atmosphere among his colleagues, and Florida Republicans seem worried that they’ll be caught up as the Gaetz investigation goes forward.

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“The web of corruption…is really a web that appears to tie up the entire Republican Party of Florida It seems like everyone in the Capitol is nervous about what the next revelation is going to be and who else is implicated in this sweeping saga of corruption that they’ve been a part of for so long.”

These investigations started with Gaetz ally Joel Greenberg. As the Washington Post reports, Greenberg was arrested in the summer of 2020, and charged with sex trafficking and stalking, which led to further investigations, including the one into Gaetz.

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