A white supremacy member is being investigated by the FBI for deadly toxin possession

William Christopher Gibbs

27-year-old William Christopher Gibbs is being investigated by the FBI after he drove himself to a hospital and claimed that hey had come in contact with the deadly substance ricin.

Upon further investigation, the FBI found resin in Gibbs vehicle. The toxin, which can be obtained in powder, pellet, and mist form, can kill a single person with even the smallest of doses.

Tests confirmed there was ricin in the young man and the FBI soon became aware of his affiliations with white supremacy groups. Law enforcement searched the young man’s Facebook account and found flags and clothing patches declaring him to be a “White Racial Loyalist.”

Gibbs also identifies himself to be a member of the “Georgia Church of Creativity,” which is a white separatist movement that was originally known as “The Church of the Creator,” according to The Southern Poverty Law Center.

Investigators say there’s no evidence to indicate that the substance that Gibbs was “experimenting with” was released in public, although he is still under heavy investigation.

Gibbs is facing jail after charges of reckless conduct and a probation violation were both issued. Federal charges may soon follow.

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