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This White Supremacist Has Top Security Clearance At Northrop Grumman

This White Supremacist Has Top Security Clearance At Northrop Grumman

Defense contractor Northrop Grumman has allowed a violent white supremacist to receive a top-level security clearance. Michael Miselis, a PhD student, who was identified after he went into a psychotic rage and attacked Charlottesville protesters, was given the clearance as a systems engineer with the company.

Shockingly, his employer is aware of Miselis’ actions and has allowed him to maintain his clearance status as he continues to work for the company.

PoliticalWire’s Taegan Goddard explains the situation:

“Northrop Grumman did not respond to several requests for comment. However, interviews with current and former Northrop employees, as well as an internal email, make clear the company knows of Miselis’ actions in Charlottesville and involvement with RAM. Miselis informed his superiors about his contact with reporters from ProPublica and FRONTLINE, as is required by any individual who holds a higher-level security clearance.”

ProPublica uncovered Miselis’ identify after he was spotted on video pushing down an African-American protester and then “pounding on him.” Later, he was spotted choking and bloodying pair of female counterprotesters.

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In the video, it’s clear that Miselis came ready to fight that day, wearing tape wrapped around his hands and protective goggles to ward off pepper spray advances.

Ultimately, it was determined that the racist is a member of the Rise Above Movement or RAM. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) says it is “a white supremacist group based in Southern California whose members believe they are fighting against a “modern world” corrupted by the “destructive cultural influences” of liberals, Jews, Muslims and non-white immigrants. They refer to themselves as the “premier MMA (mixed martial arts) club of the Alt-Right.”

Apparently, UCLA is okay with the man’s behavior as he continues to pursue his PhD through its aerospace engineering program.

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