White Supremacist Renounces Beliefs The Moment He’s Confronted By A Masked Demonstrator

A video of a white supremacist is going viral after the man quickly renounced his group’s ideology while being confronted by a masked Antifa demonstrator.

Journalist C.J. Hunt was filming the disturbing protest where a young blonde white man wearing a white Polo shirt was caught running away from a man in a mask who was chasing him.

During the chase, the man pulled off his shirt and quickly claimed that he wasn’t a neo-Nazi.

“I’m not really white power, man, I just came here for the fun, f*ck!” said the man.

Hunt approach the man and asked what happened to which he responded, “A bunch of guys scared the sh*t out of me.”

“So you just came here for the fun?” asked Hunt.

“For the fun, yeah,” he replied.

Hunt then asked the man if he identified as a neo-Nazi to which the frazzled guy said he thought it was “kind of a fun idea” and that he liked chanting “white power!”

The guy, taking a play from the internet trolls handbook, said he simply likes “being offensive” but didn’t want to get beat up over it.

Here’s the video — you be the judge.

Welcome to the Red State…

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