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White Nationalists Are Complaining Because Nobody Will Give Them Money

White Nationalists Are Complaining Because Nobody Will Give Them Money

Following the violent protest in Charlottesville, Virginia, White Nationalists are finding it very difficult to raise money, accept payments for money they can raise, and even log into social networks to gain support from their base while growing their enrollment numbers.

Vice News reporter Elle Reeve appears on CNN on Thursday morning to talk about the struggles the alt-right are facing.

CNN Host John Berman asked how the neo-Nazi movement was being affected following the riots and she said it was “devastating” for the group on numerous levels.

“Over time, the problems have been compounding,” she told Berman. “Of course, they’re kicked off social media, but they’ve also been kicked off payment processors, which means they can’t raise money online. It’s an internet movement and they need internet donations, so it’s impossible for them to get that.”

Making matters worse for the various hate-groups that make up the Nazi movement, factions of white nationalists have been feuding with each other.

“There’s been all this in-fighting between groups,” she said. “Some of them have been ousted. One leader… was exposed as a fake war veteran. They’re really just back on their heels.”

With scandals running rampant among many white nationalist movements and a history of anti-peaceful protests attached to the movement, it appears that even Donald Trump’s support for Nazi’s isn’t helping their cause any longer.

Here’s the interview:

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