White Nationalist Hate Group Boasts About Vandalism Of George Floyd Mural

The vandalism of murals, statues, and other memorials devoted to George Floyd, and on a larger scale, to the fight to end brutality and racial bias in policing, has been on the rise in the days surrounding the sentencing of Derek Chauvin on murder charges. Now one white supremacist group is taking credit, and they seem pretty proud of their work.


Patriot Front is designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as a white nationalist hate group that splintered from a larger group after the deadly Unite The Right Charlottesville rally. The group regularly posts on their Telegram channel about their evangelistic efforts to draw in new members.

[Screenshot via Patriot Front/Telegram]
[Screenshot via Patriot Front/Telegram]
[Screenshot via Patriot Front/Telegram]

Notice that in that last screenshot, they’re specifically showing that their group targeted a George Floyd memorial mural.

That’s not the end of it — they’ve also shared a news clip identifying Patriot Front as the culprits behind vandalism of a George Floyd mural in Philadelphia, which they describe as ‘redecorating,’ with the clip edited to include the Patriot Front logo at the end — essentially turning it into an advertisement for the hate group.

[Screenshot via Patriot Front/Telegram]

The full clip, as posted to the Patriot Front Telegram channel, can be seen below.

The New York Times is reporting that the George Floyd statue erected in Brooklyn earlier this month was also defaced with the Patriot Front logo and black paint.

The SPLC quotes the Patriot Front manifesto as saying, “An African, for example, may have lived, worked, and even been classed as a citizen in America for centuries, yet he is not American. He is, as he likely prefers to be labelled, an African in America. The same rule applies to others who are not of the founding stock of our people as well as to those who do not share the common unconscious that permeates throughout our greater civilization, and the European diaspora.”

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