White Nationalist Group Permanently Banned From YouTube Over Hate Speech

A white nationalist group has been permanently banned from YouTube after violating policies on hate speech. VDARE, which has called declining immigrant employment a Trump win, and expressed worry that America will be changed as it shifts away from being “a white nation, for white people,” is no longer welcome on the video platform.

white nationalists kicked off youtube
[Photo by Linda Davidson/The Washington Post via Getty Images]

The Southern Poverty Law Center captures a few quotes from VDARe, including a lament that America, “defined — almost explicitly, sometimes very explicitly — as a white nation, for white people,” is shifting to a “new and non-white version,” and questioning “whether we will want to call the new updated version ‘America’ at all.” A tweet from the organization on Monday calls it a “Trump triumph” that “immigrant workforce falls for 11th straight month.” On their site, they have actually separated out a series of stories tagged as “minorities not social distancing.”

According to Right-Wing Watch, the organization’s YouTube channels have been permanently suspended, for violating site rules by “alleging that members of groups protected by the site’s policies were innately inferior to others and by linking to hateful content off-platform…” along with other rule violations. Last month, when another white nationalist group, American Renaissance, was banned for similar reasons, VDARE tweeted to describe this as the video platform “gag[ging] [an] opponent” because “you have lost the argument.”

The founder of VDARE, Peter Brimelow, has been described as “one of the alt-right’s founding fathers,” and after the murder of Heather Heyer at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville Virginia, the site published a piece defending the violent behavior of neo-Nazis and alt-right hate groups at that event.

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