White House Staffers Are Freaked Out Over Which Tapes Omarosa Will Release Next

Omarosa Manigault Newman secretly recorded private conversations with President Donald Trump and in the last week, she has begun to release those tapes to the public. Now, a report from Politico suggests that current and former White House staffers are worried about what the former Apprentice star will release next.

“People are terrified,” a former Trump aide told the publication. “Absolutely terrified.”

The first tape released by Omarosa appears to feature Chief of Staff John Kelly threatening her about future employment during her firing in the Situation Room. She then released a tape in which campaign staffers openly discussed Trump’s use of the N-word.

If there’s one saving grace for the administration, staffers note that Omarosa didn’t take part in high-level meetings which should make damage control a bit easier to stomach.

“But if I was on the communications staff, where she was interacting more with people,” a former senior administration official told Politico, “I can see how people might be nervous.”

The stress of the revealed tapes seems to be angering Trump who has taken to Twitter to call his former reality TV star a “low life” and a “dog.”

Now we sit back and wait to see if Trump’s current and former staffers really had anything to worry about.

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