White House Says Donald Trump Is Working Hard — He Appears To Be Signing Blank Paper

Donald Trump is in Walter Reed National Military Medical Center after testing positive for COVID-19, and his team says he’s doing very well. He’s staying in the 6-room presidential suite, and a short video message Saturday followed by a photo show America he’s still carrying out his duties. There’s just one problem — a significant portion of the public doesn’t believe it, and they say there is evidence in the images.

Donald Trump photos faked?
[Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

In a photo released to the public, Donald Trump can be seen sitting at a conference table, in a dress shirt, holding a pen and a folder that presumably holds documents he’s perusing. His daughter Ivanka tweeted the photo out, declaring that nothing stops her dad working for the American people. “Relentless!” she concluded! His son Eric tweeted the same photo, along with another, in which Trump is at a different table, this time wearing a suit jacket, with folders spread before him, as he signs a document. Eric praised his father’s work ethic, and “unrelenting drive.”

However, the American people weren’t convinced. Journalists and social media users zoomed in on the photos — and found that Trump is signing what appear to be blank pieces of paper.

If the Trump team meant to reassure the public that the president is doing well and able to work, it backfired, as social media began to consider the photos staged propaganda.

Jon Ostrower took it a step further, checking EXIF data in the photos and determining that both photos of Trump ‘working’ at two different tables, were taken about ten minutes apart — supporting the idea that they were staged photo ops, not actual candid shots of a working president.

Of course, staging a few photos of document-signing over the course of a few minutes could make more sense in a sickroom with a subject who is suffering from a contagious and deadly virus than sticking around to take multiple photos throughout a workday. If the public didn’t already have reasons to question the information coming out of the Trump Administration about the president’s health, this might not even stand out.

There’s even polling to ask what Trump might be signing if he wasn’t actually signing blank documents.

Of course, everything being released has been subjected to intense scrutiny.

Social media users have big theories about what’s going on in the four-minute-long video Donald Trump released Saturday afternoon, in which he says he hopes to be back to normal activities very soon.

Viewers are picking apart the photos and videos, and finding several clues that some think hint the video was prerecorded at the White House — they’re comparing cabinets, noting the president wearing the same suit jacket, and questioning whether they see lines on his face from a nasal cannula.

Unfortunately, the truth, with this administration, is hard to get to. They’re not answering direct questions, and Donald Trump has a history of dictating the medical releases his providers share with the public. As reported by NPR in 2018, Dr. Harold Bornstein openly admitted that Trump dictated his 2015 letter declaring then-candidate Trump would be “the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.”

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