White House Reportedly Looking to Remove Deportation Protections From Spouses of Active Military

Donald Trump has said time and time again that no one loves the military more than he does. That adoration, however, does not seem to extend towards all members of the Armed Forces. The President signed a ban on transgender military members back in May of 2018.

Photo by Athit Perawongmetha – Pool/Getty Images

The Trump White House may now be taking aim at military spouses who aren’t United States Citizens. According to a new report from NPR, the administration could remove deportation protections for spouses with active duty partners.

Currently, there is a program called Parole in Place, which protects spouses from being deported while their partners are overseas. Lawyers told NPR that the program will soon be terminated.

Immigration Attorney Margaret Stock says, “It’s going to create chaos in the military. The troops can’t concentrate on their military jobs when they’re worried about their family members being deported.”

Lawyers are encouraging their clients to apply for the status before the program ends next month. Attorney Carlos Luna says, “I would advise clients that if they are eligible for [parole in place] to submit it ASAP.”

Luna continued, “There are less and less opportunities for these people serving the country and their veteran family to go through the ‘legal channels’ and stay here in the country, which for many is the only place they’ve ever known.”

The spouses of immigrants are a vital part of the United States military. Margaret Stock explains, “The military is very international, and if you got rid of everybody in the military who had a connection to a foreigner — you wouldn’t have anyone in the military.”



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