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White House Post Claims That Trump Has Restored ‘Respect’ For America Abroad — Is That True?

White House Post Claims That Trump Has Restored ‘Respect’ For America Abroad — Is That True?

How does the rest of the world view the United States? Do we command respect, or do other nations view us with contempt?

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According to the White House, which shared a Facebook post saying so on Sunday, the world views us in favorable terms — and we have President Donald Trump to thank for it.

The post was equal parts praise for Trump and attacks against Democrats. “While President Trump restores respect for America on the world stage, Democrats and their media machine want nothing more than a national embarrassment,” the post read.

Included within the post was a remark from Trump himself, showcased as an image attachment.

“I think it’s very hard for them to impeach you when they have absolutely nothing,” Trump’s quote read.

The second assertion in the post is an opinionated statement, to be sure, as one will agree or disagree with it depending on their political point of view. As for the first part of the post, alleging that Trump has “restore[d] respect for America on the world stage,” polling from various nations around the world shows that not to be the case.

According to Pew Research, which asked respondents from 22 different countries around the world last year about the matter, a majority of individuals residing in other nations do have a favorable opinion of the United States, with 51 percent saying so. However, that number is actually a drop from where it stood in 2013, when 66 percent said they had favorable views.

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Indeed, there are major concerns from respondents to the poll overall. Forty-five percent of individuals within those countries said they view the United States’ influence in world affairs as a major threat to their own nation, an increase from 2013 when only 25 percent said as much.

And as for how they feel about Trump, only 28 percent said they have confidence for him to lead as president. Former President Barack Obama, on the other hand, saw 70 percent of the world say as much in 2013.

The word “respect” can mean different things, of course, and it’s possible that the White House’s use of the word in their Facebook post meant that the rest of the world “respects” us in a way that commands adherence to (or at least acknowledgment of) our principles. But as far as the rest of the world’s views on how we’re doing, it’s clear from the data that most around the world aren’t happy with the direction Trump is taking.

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