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White House Mistakenly Sends Trump Talking Points to House Democrats

White House Mistakenly Sends Trump Talking Points to House Democrats

With the specter of impeachment hanging over the President, the White House communications team wants to move fast to defend his actions. Fox News, Trump surrogates and Republican lawmakers have been out in front of today’s transcripts claiming that the President has done nothing wrong.

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The White House came up with a list of talking points to aid the GOP in their defense of Trump. The team made a major mistake, however, and sent their talking points to the inboxes of every Democrat in congress.

The faux pas was first reported by Politico’s Andrew Desiderio. The reporter tweeted, “Hmmm… The White House just sent its talking points on Ukraine to House Democrats.”

Desiderio also included screenshots of the talking points. The email featured points like, “The real scandal here is that leaks about a second-hand account of the President’s confidential telephone call with a foreign leader triggered a media frenzy of false accusations against the President and forced the President to release the transcript.”

The cheat sheet also noted, “Only after Zelensky brought up Giuliani related to addressing corruption issues did the President ask Zelensky to speak to Giuliani and raised Vice President Biden’s role in the firing of a Ukranian prosecutor who had been investigating a Ukranian company that had Biden’s son on its board.

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The White House made the embarrassing situation even more embarrassing by asking the House Democrats to send them back. Jake Sherman, also from Politico, tweeted, “The White House is trying to “recall” the talking points they sent to democrats.”

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