White House Holds Christmas Party; Trump Reportedly MIA

Donald Trump has been criticized for holding large holiday gatherings at the White House, with the risk of spreading COVID-19. Now there are reports that as the election results are cemented, he’s not showing up at the parties himself.

Donald Trump missed White House Christmas party, says Secret Service
[Photo by Yasin Ozturk/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images]

Both Kayleigh McEnany and Donald Trump have defended the White House holiday parties, with McEnany declaring that if people can hold protests — or, as she claims, loot and burn down buildings — then holiday parties can also be held. Trump nitpicked semantics, clarifying that rather than “holiday parties” he is holding Christmas parties, and justified them by claiming that many attendees wear masks.

People close to Trump are still testing positive for COVID-19, including, most recently, his attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis.

Now Tara Palmeri, a reporter at Politico, says that two sources within the Secret Service have told her the president has skipped at least one holiday party, leaving his guests to celebrate without his presence.

Palmeri did add that at least one person was a bit relieved at the president’s absence, upon learning of the latest COVID-19 cases in his circle.

Secret Service personnel have already had to quarantine in significant numbers thanks to Trump’s insistence on travel and large gatherings in the past months — at least 130 Secret Service members were reportedly exposed during Trump’s frantic final week of campaigning before the election.

There’s no official word on why Trump didn’t show up at his own party, but Sunday afternoon, before the party, was when the president announced that his attorney had contracted COVID-19.

With Giuliani obligated to quarantine, even before he was hospitalized, Trump’s legal team was dealt a blow in their ongoing attempts to overturn the election — something that may well have weighed heavily on Trump’s mind that evening.

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