White House: Connecting Stephen Miller to White Supremacist Emails is Anti-Semitic

Stephen Miller, an adviser to Donald Trump, has long been one of the most controversial members of his administration. Miller is often accused of appealing to some of the President’s most nativist instincts and suggesting cruel anti-immigration policies.

Stephen Miller
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Miller found himself engulfed in controversy again on Tuesday after a former colleague released email exchanges detailing an interest in white supremacist literature and websites. The White House reacted angrily to questions about Miller with some calling the criticism anti-Semitic.

The emails were shared by Katie McHugh, who formerly worked as an editor for Breitbart. McHugh has since denounced her connections to the Alt-Right.

Many of the emails Miller sent to McHugh concern race. This includes links to white nationalist websites like VDARE. Miller was also allegedly upset at Confederate flags being removed following the Charleston Church shooting.

McHugh had initially shared the communications with the Southern Poverty Law Center. In a statement, White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham bashed the organization.

“We have not seen the report,” wrote Grisham. “The SPLC, however, is an utterly discredited, long-debunked far-left smear organization that has recently been forced to – to its great humiliation – to issue a major retraction for other wholly-fabricated accusations. They libel, slander, and defame conservatives for a living. They are beneath public discussion.”

Another White House staffer felt that the report was an attack on Miller’s faith. Axios’ Zach Basu was told, “This is clearly a form of anti-Semitism to levy these attacks against a Jewish staffer.”

The White House has yet to comment on the actual substance of the report.

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