White House Claims Trump’s Skin Tone is the Result of ‘Good Genes’

The orange tint to Donald Trump’s skin has always been very noticeable as have the white circles around his eyes. This led most to believe that the president either tans using a bed or some kind of skin conditioner.

Steve Baker

Of course, there is no shame in having an artificial tan, many people do the same in the winter months. The White House, however, says that Trump’s omnipresent tan is not the result of a cream or bed, but the result of “good genes.”

While a White House adviser would not admit to Trump using a cream tanner, he does use some makeup. The makeup is described as, “a little powder — a translucent one, not a bronzer — which the president applies himself before television appearances.”

The president may also be sensitive about suffering from rosacea. Rosacea, for which Trump takes antibiotics, is a skin condition that can make the skin appear reddish. The tanning regimen may be a way to distract from the appearance of the condition.

Not many on the internet were ready to believe the White House’s story. John Aravosis wondered if they’d lie about this, what else would they lie about?

Morgan Freeman wondered if this was worse that the denial of climate change.

Finally, activist and student, David Hogg, just felt bad for the president’s staffers.

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