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White House Aides Predicted Trump Would Promote Clinton Conspiracy Theories After Epstein’s Death

White House Aides Predicted Trump Would Promote Clinton Conspiracy Theories After Epstein’s Death

A number of officials working on behalf of President Donald Trump mockingly joked with one another about what they’d have to do if he suddenly jumped aboard the “Clintons body-count” conspiracy theory in the wake of Jeffrey Epstein’s death on Saturday.

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Then, later in the day, it appeared that Trump did, in fact, hop on that bandwagon.

Trump retweeted on Saturday a video commentary that suggested the Clintons were behind the suicide death of Jeffrey Epstein.

User Terrence Williams said, in a video tweet of his own making, that “Epstein had information on the Clintons, and the man ended up dead.” Trump retweeted his video to his own followers, HillReporter.com reported over the weekend.

According to The Daily Beast, at least one White House aide said that officials had anticipated Trump doing something along those lines — either promoting the Clinton conspiracy theory (which has absolutely no basis in truth) online or out loud while speaking to reporters at a future event.

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The staffers quickly decided amongst themselves there wasn’t much they could do either way, should Trump do something like that, except hope that he didn’t continue promoting it several times daily and that it’d blow over eventually, the aide told The Daily Beast.

It appears that the spin on the issue from the administration has already begun. On Sunday morning, Kellyanne Conway, the White House counsel to the President, spoke on Fox News with host Bill Hemmer about the issue, trying to play the retweet from Trump off as a means for him to express the need for an investigation into the matter of Epstein’s death.

Hemmer was skeptical of that explanation, saying it was “clear what he was trying to say” in the social media posting he shared with his millions of followers — that there was perhaps a belief on the part of the president that the Clintons had a role in the Epstein saga.

“I think the president just wants everything to be investigated,” Conway repeated, per reporting from HuffPost.

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