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White House Aide calls Stephen Miller a Nazi

White House Aide calls Stephen Miller a Nazi

Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy that separates children from their parents is largely attributed to the work of White House adviser Stephen Miller. Despite public outcry over the policy, Miller is reportedly happy with the plan — perhaps even ecstatic.

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President Trump on Wednesday signed an executive order to end the separation of children from their parents but not before a White House aide called Miller a Nazi.

Speaking to Vanity the White House employee said, “Stephen actually enjoys seeing those pictures at the border… He’s a twisted guy, the way he was raised and picked on. There’s always been a way he’s gone about this. He’s Waffen-SS.”

This isn’t really a surprising development on many levels. When asked by the New York Times about the policy, Miller had this to say:

“No nation can have the policy that whole classes of people are immune from immigration law or enforcement… It was a simple decision by the administration to have a zero tolerance policy for illegal entry, period. The message is that no one is exempt from immigration law.”

His Mentor Is A White Nationalist

Further, Miller is a longtime friend of white nationalist leader Richard Spencer whom he met while attending Duke University. His roots of hate stem so deep that 17 different Jewish groups asked the White House to dismiss Miller in February 2018.

September 11 And The Ideology Of Stephen Miller

Haaretz dug up an old letter Stephen Miller sent to a local newspaper following the events of September 11. In his letter, Miller wrote about the negative effects of political correctness:

“That is why we do nothing for American holidays but everything for Mexican holidays,” he wrote. “That is why history teachers denounce the U.S. as wickedly imperialistic, some supplementing standard history texts with something comfortably more liberal.”

“That is why teachers insult and demean the president. That is why we invited a Muslim leader to the school to explain the splendor of Islam, but no such proclamation was ever made about America,” Miller added.

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TBS host Samantha Bee perfectly summed up Miller’s general viewpoints: “He is the exact same racist a–hole he’s been since childhood. But now he has the president’s ear and has the power to ruin thousands of people’s lives.”

In fact, Bee’s entire monologue regarding Stephen Miller is worth a watch:

Miller’s racism doesn’t stop with separating children. The Hill reported that it was Miller and Chief of Staff John Kelly who “reportedly pushed Trump to avoid cutting a deal with Democrats to protect recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program ahead of the deadline to fund the government…”

That action was followed by Senator Lindsey Graham openly attacking Miller for “yanking back” negotiations for DACA.

Salon notes that during high school, when Miller’s ideology started to take shape, he stopped hanging out with a friend because they were Hispanic.
Even more troubling, a former classmate had this to say during a Vanity Fair interview:
“He believes multiculturalism is a weakness, that when we celebrate our differences we are ignoring our ‘American culture,’ ” Silverman wrote on Facebook. “He didn’t like someone from El Salvador celebrating their homeland, or someone from Vietnam bringing in food from their country of origin. He wanted everyone to celebrate one culture. One country. At 16, Stephen was an extreme nationalist.”…
In the meantime, Stephen Miller continues to influence President Trump’s decision and his brand of hate-filled ideology is apparently in nearly every tweet and policy the President launches.
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