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While Trump Heads to Mar-A-Lago, Obama Volunteers at Food Bank For Thanksgiving

While Trump Heads to Mar-A-Lago, Obama Volunteers at Food Bank For Thanksgiving

While President Trump left yesterday for his Mar-a-Lago resort to spend time with his paying customers, former President Barack Obama had something else in store for this Thanksgiving week.

Barack Obama surprised dozens of volunteers, who were preparing food to be distributed to the needy this Thanksgiving at the Greater Chicago Food Depository. He entered the building almost in disguise, wearing latex gloves and a Chicago White Sox baseball cap, before beginning to help volunteers prepare the food and thanking them.

“You guys are doing such a great job helping out. I’m really proud of you,” Obama was heard telling one young volunteer.

Obama has made it a habit, both during and after his presidency, to spend time helping those in need at various food banks during the holidays. Oftentimes his wife and two daughters join him in his cause.

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The nonprofit Greater Chicago Food Depository, a member of “Feeding American,” works with a network of 700 partner agencies and programs including food pantries, soup kitchens and shelters to distribute 159,000 meals every single day. The Food depository posted a thankful message towards the former president on their Twitter account yesterday:

“We believe no one should go hungry, especially this time of year, and that’s why we’re working to address the root causes of hunger in Chicago and Cook County.”

Our current president will meanwhile spend the next five days at his Mar-a-Lago resort, bumping shoulders with the wealthy, and giving his paying customers what they likely want, time with the president.

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