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While The World Was Watching Virginia’s Elections, Georgia Made Strides Quietly

While The World Was Watching Virginia’s Elections, Georgia Made Strides Quietly

National and state-level elections are, of course, the ones that tend to get high-level media coverage, especially when, like in the recent gubernatorial election in Virginia, they appear as a microcosm of an overarching battle for social norms. Still, local elections can also have a big impact, and can also be a reflection of cultural and political shifts.

HARRISONBURG, VIRGINIA – SEPTEMBER 24: Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin speaks at a campaign rally to encourage voters to cast their ballots early September 24, 2021 in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Youngkin is running against Democrat Terry McAuliffee for governor in the Commonwealth of Virginia. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

In recent weeks, the Virginia race between Terry McAuliffe (D) and Glenn Youngkin (R) has been a key matter of political discourse. It’s a snapshot of how debates on COVID-19 precautions and critical race theory, among others, have influenced voters’ priorities. Virginia chose Youngkin by a narrow margin, and Democrats are worried about what this means for the nation.

However, one progressive group says the focus should be broader, and asks why we’re not talking more about Georgia’s elections — which seem to support the notion that the state is continuing to shift blue.

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The Georgia Democrat reported on the elections, citing state Democratic Party Chair Nikema Williams description of this as part of a trend, rather than a handful of isolated events.

After flipping crucial municipal seats in 2019, voting to send a Democrat to the White House for the first time in 28 years in 2020, and flipping both U.S. Senate seats blue earlier this year, Georgia Democrats’ momentum is still growing. The 2021 municipal elections show that with strong candidates, strategic organizing, and early investments, Georgia Democrats are well-positioned to continue mobilizing voters and flipping seats throughout the state in 2022 and beyond.

Following the Virginia race, voters are calling on the Democratic Party to consider whether strategic messaging changes are necessary in future elections. Georgia’s election outcomes might be a hint of where party leaders should be looking.

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