Where an Education in Business Can Lead You After the Pandemic

An education in business is perhaps one of the most studied degrees there is in the western world. There are plenty of business-focused courses and qualifications that can help students learn key skills to aid them in not just a business-oriented role, but for a wide spectrum of employment opportunities as well.

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Many people wrongly assume that a business-related degree is really limiting and that it forces students down a particular path that offers little variety, creativity, or specialization. This simply isn’t the case. As a matter of fact, a business degree can actually be very helpful in expanding job prospects and can make plenty of different roles more realistically attainable. This is because these types of degrees and courses have many transferable skills that can really aid in various other careers aside from those in business.  

Here’s a look at the vastly different types of roles that an education in business can offer you, be that a finance and accounting degree or an online MBA. Do note that plenty of the following careers will also require complementary skills and qualifications to ensure that you’re suited for a role, but obtaining a business qualification through the likes of an online MBA can make it a lot easier to achieve. It’s also worth knowing that an online MBA can be completed really quickly, meaning that you can gain this extra qualification without sacrificing too much time. The online learning style also means that it’s an adaptable degree that can be fitted around your other commitments, meaning that students are able to be in full-time work while studying this degree, giving students the potential to seriously progress at a fast rate in a really convenient way. 

  • A Political Career

For people who want to make a difference to society, influence the way a nation is run, and like the idea of making key decisions that can benefit either a local area or an entire country, then a career in politics might be one for you.

Many people aspire to become a political figure, however, they are put off from pursuing this dream because they have no knowledge or understanding of actually how to get into it. The reality is, there is no one clear route into this type of profession, however, there are certain forms of education that can help your chances. A qualification in a political course is obviously ideal, but isn’t essential, as many well-known and influential people within politics have gotten where they are through different means and educational backgrounds, including an online MBA. 

Studying business can actually be greatly beneficial for prospective politicians, as the course teaches very important transferable skills that can be translated into governance. Accountancy and financial management, leadership, as well as learning better decision-making techniques are all beneficial skills picked up from an online MBA degree that can help a career in politics. 

One of the best ways to start your journey within politics is to start by volunteering at your local government. Experience is the most in-demand commodity within politics, so gaining some internship experience within a local governmental office will really set you up nicely and can hopefully lead you to great things. Make sure to use this time effectively and to network with your superiors and fellow members of staff, as relationships are very important in politics.

  • Creating Your Own Business

Gaining an online MBA degree doesn’t just mean that you can enter a wide range of different industries and businesses, it also means that you have the knowledge to start your own. Running your own business can be one of the most rewarding things an individual does in life, as your own hard work will be going into benefiting yourself, and yourself alone. However, doing well in this endeavor is difficult, so to boost your chances of success, you’re going to want to learn everything you can on a business degree like an online MBA. 

A master’s in business administration is easily the best type of business degree you can get to best equip yourself for starting your own business, as it will give you a comprehensive insight into all the key assets of a business that you’re going to have to build and manage yourself, such as finances, marketing, scheduling, and planning, plus so much more. 

As well as obtaining either on-campus or online MBA, it’s also a good idea to gain legitimate experience in the field working within business, as this will help you learn more and be better prepared for your own endeavor so that you can learn tips and know what mistakes you should avoid. 

  • An Accountant

Although the usual path into accounting professions is through obtaining a decent qualification in accounting, there’s still the real possibility of getting into this lucrative field via a business degree. This is because many courses, such as an online MBA, allow students to specialize in a certain sector, meaning that they can focus all their learning on this one facet of business so that they can become an expert.

One such specialization within business-oriented degrees is accounting and financial management. This education will make you far better at managing money and allocating budgets, which is the essence of a good accountant. Furthermore, these courses will also give you insight into some of the key financial metrics businesses use, meaning that you will have the ability to interpret data into useful, context-driven pieces of information that can tell a business owner a lot more about the state of their finances and how healthy they are. These skills can make you a very attractive potential accountant where you may either work for a firm to aid one business or work privately and offer your services to various different businesses. 

  • A Career in Banking 

A career in banking has its similarities to accounting, however, it also has its own unique differences to make it an interesting stand-alone career for people with a business degree like an online MBA to consider. Banking can be a very financially rewarding career path for young and recent graduates to get into and is also an attractive one due to how fast-paced it is and how it’s an engaging and challenging one that can make people feel rewarded in their work. An individual within banking will find themselves performing tasks such as handling a bank’s internal operations, setting policies, and providing general oversight. Other responsibilities for a commercial banker will also include delivering financial services to businesses and other organizations.

What makes banking an attainable profession for individuals who have a business degree like an online MBA, is that you don’t need a lot of specialized training or education, as many banks prefer to train and develop staff in-house, on the job. This does mean that there are many apprenticeship contracts at entry-level positions that require staff to take regular tests and exams to complete the program, but once that is complete, they’re free to progress up the ladder and access the great salary benefits. 

  • A Career in Management  

A career in management can be one of the most diverse career paths out there, for the simple reason that every career, regardless of its industry or sector, needs people in management positions to effectively run businesses and individuals. This means that retailers, manufacturing firms, engineering organizations, and food manufacturers need people in management positions to lead the direction of the business and to allocate staff roles and shifts.

An online MBA or any other form of a business degree is a great way to get into a career in management because it teaches you key skills in human resources and in leadership. These online MBA courses can help you learn the fundamentals of being a good leader, which can be applied to these positions to make you far more effective. Things such as learning proper evaluation skills so that you can allocate the right tasks to the right individuals as well as fostering the ability to listen and encourage others to boost morale can really help you in this role and are skills that recruiters are seriously looking for. 

There are also a lot of different and extremely contrasting management styles that people in this position can adopt, with all of them being learned through various business degrees. 

  • A Career in Retail and Sales

A lot of individuals’ first job is an entry-level position within retail and sales where they work on the shop floor. Most people will look back at the position with displeasure and have sworn to never go for a role in that industry again. However, that may be misguided as there’s more to retail than stacking shelves and operating as a cashier.

Getting a business degree, such as an online MBA, can really open up the world of retail to a student and give them the tools to discover more senior roles in this industry where instead of operating within a store, they might be called upon to manage it. Business students will be able to find roles within retail and sales where they are in charge of a certain store and department, monitoring its finances and making key decisions to improve its performance. You can also become a general manager where you’re in charge of multiple retail stores within a certain area and have to plan campaigns and ways to improve them and make them more profitable. This type of work can also be seriously fun, as there are opportunities to travel and explore different markets. 

Getting a more business orientated role within retail can also be a very rewarding choice for recent online MBA graduates, as many large, well-respected companies offer training programs to fast-track your position in the company and get to an important role within the organization. 

Working in retail in this way is also a good option for those who want a more temporary position before moving onto something else, as you’ll be able to get great on-the-job experience and skills that can be applied to any future roles, helping you to become a more well-rounded business leader

  • Business Career in Media 

Business degrees don’t always have to lead to what is perceived to be a boring office-based role, as they can in fact be valuable degrees that teach you important skills to obtain many roles within the creative industry.

Media can mean a lot of different things and is an umbrella term that covers roles within television, film, print publishing, digital publishing, events and so much more. Although an online MBA degree might not best equip you for a creative role in these professions, it will allow you to become a key decision-maker in terms of the direction of where these projects go and what the creative businesses do on a whole. A more business-orientated role within media is far more engaging and creative than other roles and can get you a position in sectors such as human resources, talent acquisition and management, PR, sales, and of course, marketing.  

  • Marketing

With business becoming more and more a digital endeavor, it means that that more businesses are looking for people who are able to perform key digital marketing tasks to help boost brand awareness and attract a greater number of customers to the business. 

A business degree can easily lead to marketing, due to how many of the skills learned are super transferable. However, to better your chances of getting into a role like this, it’s also worth learning some of the fundamental skills in the type of marketing you want to get into. This means that for aspiring digital marketers, a skillset where you’re able to analyze metrics and data is very important, and thankfully, can be learned through an online MBA. You should get to grips with the intricacies of social media marketing and how to do that effectively, as well as the importance of search engine optimization, which can be learned through various online resources. 

Alongside an understanding of these skills, a business degree can help you be better at conducting market research, liaising with third-party support, planning and strategizing as well as analyzing the various markets you can directly advertise in. 

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