What Kind Of Person Hears ‘Vaccine Incentive’ And Thinks ‘Pedophilia’? Lauren Boebert, Apparently

When vaccine passports were floated as a possibility, there was an outpouring of negative response. Now, entities public and private are taking a different path, offering incentives for the vaccinated.

[Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images]

These include everything from discounted concert tickets to monetary incentives — and in Colorado, it includes a vaccine lottery. Colorado Public Radio explains the process: Every week, starting Friday June 4, and continuing for 5 weeks, the state will hold a drawing, and anyone over the age of 18 who has been vaccinated (by at least the preceding Tuesday) has a possibility of being the name drawn to win $1 million.

Yes, $1 million for being vaccinated.

Somehow, to Lauren Boebert, this sounds like kidnapping and child abuse.

She tweeted, referring to Colorado Governor Jared Polis, and declaring that his incentive program made her think of someone using candy to lure a child for nefarious purposes.

Incentive programs are not mandates, but are an attempt to reach the herd immunity goals without mandates — yet Boebert, who has previously decried vaccine passports and mandates, and says she favors free choice, still sees something in it to oppose.

There’s still the question of whether incentives work, and there are mixed reviews on that, with the Association of American Medical Colleges interviewing one expert who says they’re unlikely to shift hardcore antivaxxers, and the New York Times covering a survey showing that about one in three unvaccinated Americans say they’d get the shot for a cash payment.

So, it’s not really clear yet how far these incentives will move the nation towards herd immunity, but the evidence doesn’t suggest they’re equivalent to a mandate, by any means.

Are vaccine incentives similar to a child predator using candy to lure a victim, though? Well, maybe only in the eyes of Lauren Boebert.

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