What Donald Trump Tweets Would Get Anyone Else Suspended — And Did

Twitter has been criticized for allowing tweets from President Donald Trump to remain visible on the platform, when they violate the terms of service users must accept in order to use the site. One user decided to prove the point, by making an account and using it to tweet, word for word, exactly what Trump tweets. Sure enough, his account was soon disabled, and he was forced to remove copies of Trump’s tweets in order to restore it.

Donald Trump's tweets would get anyone else suspended
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Under public pressure over tweets from Trump that promote division and intolerance, false information, or violent reactions, Twitter recently tried something new. Though the site didn’t actually remove and of the president’s tweets, they appended a disclaimer to a few about voting by mail. Then, when Trump tweeted about protests, saying, “when the looting starts, the shooting starts,” Twitter covered it with a warning note, telling users that the tweet violates site rules against glorifying violence. However, anyone interested in the tweet could still click through and see it.

Trump glorifies violence on Twitter
[Screenshot via Twitter/Donald Trump]

Trump responded vehemently, threatening to shut down social media. His response was roundly criticized by those who said that anyone else would have had their tweets deleted, or accounts suspended, for posting the things Trump posts.

That’s where @suspendthepres comes in. This account tweets exactly what Donald Trump does. It copies retweets, and reposts Trump’s exact words. According to Market Watch, it took less than three days.

The person behind the account asked Twitter users to report any tweets that violate Twitter’s terms, and sure enough, within a few days, the partnered Instagram account showed a screenshot of a violation notice.

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That didn’t take long. @suspendthepres #Trump #Twitter #TOS #violation #suspended

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Twitter gave the account owner a 12-hour partial suspension, during which he was unable to tweet, and asked him to remove the rule-violating post. The account has been reposting Trump for only about a week, and says the experiment will continue.

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