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WH Staffers Used Hashtag To Discuss Removing Trump Via The 25th Amendment According To Omarosa

WH Staffers Used Hashtag To Discuss Removing Trump Via The 25th Amendment According To Omarosa

Omarosa Manigault Newman, whose history with Trump dates back long before the White House, says Trump Administration staffers were discussing Trump’s removal from office via the 25th Amendment to such a degree they created a hashtag for the topic. She says that when they discussed Trump’s actions, specifically the ones she describes as “unhinged,” they would tag texts with #tfa — standing for Twenty-Fifth Amendment.

Speaking to MSNBC, Omarosa discussed the recent op-ed by an unnamed White House official, naming individuals that she considers likely suspects.

However, the laser focus on the op-ed sidesteps the more important question: the veracity of its contents. One point in the piece was the discussion, among the GOP Administration, of invoking the 25th Amendment to remove Donald Trump from office. Asked about this, Omarosa not only confirmed that it matched her own experience, but added details.

You know, we had a little hashtag, #TFA. Now that I think about it I’m a little embarrassed to tell you how often, when I went through my text chains from the White House, I saw the hashtag TFA. Twenty-fifth amendment. Whenever he did something that was just so insane, and so crazy, and unhinged, when he would flip positions from one hour to the next, we’d just hashtag it TFA and we’d keep moving.

She went on to say that anyone who worked in close proximity to the President is aware that there is a problem, and that the secret Trump removal hashtag appeared in her own text conversations with other staffers more than 100 times, as she realized when going over her own records to write her book, Unhinged.

Omarosa has been open about her belief that the writer is a staff member in Mike Pence’s office, and polled followers about their guesses as to the exact identity, but in the interview above, she says that if the writer comes forward, she fears the risks to their professional careers.

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Donald Trump himself has lashed out about the editorial, saying that the writer is a coward who must be turned over to the government for the sake of national security. However, as he and his staff field questions about the writer of the piece, there has been very little denial of any of the actual content.

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