WH Specialist Suspended After Filing Complaint Against Man Who Gave Jared Kushner Security Clearance

Last week, news broke that an FBI supervisor had overridden the agency’s security clearance denial of Jared Kushner. Carl Kline, the supervisor who cleared Kushner, had been placed in his position just weeks before.

Federal Bureau of Investigation

The director of personal security is back in the news today thanks to a new report from NBC News. According to the report, a former FBI Specialist, Tricia Newbold, claims she was suspended for filing a complaint against Kline.

Newbold is below average height due to dwarfism. In her complaint, she alleged that, “In December 2017, Kline moved security files to a new location that were too high and out of her reach.” She was told that she would have to ask Kline to retrieve the files that she needed.

In response to her treatment from Kline, Newbold filed a complaint with the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission). Newbold was suspended 3 months after making her claim.

Newbold told NBC, “”I confidently feel that this is completely unwarranted and I am also confident that I have done nothing wrong, every decision I and my team have made have always been in the best interest of the United States. There is no compromise of personal identifiable information or sensitive information.”

The suspension notice reveals that Newbold was disciplined, “for failure to supervise, failure to follow instructions and defiance of authority.” She had not been disciplined for any reason in her prior 18 years of service.

When asked about the suspension, Sarah Huckabee Sanders said, “We don’t comment on personnel issues.”

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