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WH Reportedly Briefed on Mueller Report and ‘There Is Significant Concern’

WH Reportedly Briefed on Mueller Report and ‘There Is Significant Concern’

The FBI delivered the full Mueller Report to the hands of Attorney General, William Barr, on March 22nd. Barr quickly typed up a 3 1/2 page summation. Congressional Democrats are still waiting to see the document which will likely be heavily redacted.

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Many have been left to wonder about the long delay in the release of the report. According to ABC’s Jon Karl, the White House may be delaying the report because they are worried about what it says.

Karl tweeted, “The White House has been briefed on the Mueller report and ‘there is significant concern on the president’s team about what will be in this report,’ and “what worries them most is what Don McGahn told the special counsel.”

Don McGahn, who worked as a lawyer for the president, spoke out on his experiences within the White House last week. The attorney hinted, “I spent the last couple of years getting yelled at. And you may soon read about some of the more spirited debates I had with the president.”

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There are also reports that the president may be attempting to lure attention away from the Mueller findings. The floated plan of sending detainees to sanctuary cities may have been one of these attempts.  The New York Times reported this week that those close to the president have said that Trump’s recent idea to send immigrants to sanctuary cities was to distract from the upcoming Mueller report.

According to The Week, Trump could be, “purposefully escalating his language … expressly to enliven his base of supporters and to enrage his political rivals and the news media.”

Washington is still awaiting the release of Barr’s report to congress. The Attorney General has already missed the first deadline placed on him by Congressional Democrats.

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