WH is Now Reportedly Bracing For Withdrawal of Troops From Afghanistan

With yesterday’s announcement by Trump, via Twitter, that he is pulling troops out of Syria, much criticism has arisen from both sides of the aisle.  As Republicans and Democrats alike continue to urge the president to rethink his actions, the White House is now reportedly bracing for a similar move in Afghanistan.

Moments ago CNN’s Jake Tapper tweeted:

“Officials throughout the Trump administration are bracing themselves for the president to make a similar announcement as he did about Syria except this time about US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan — though they caution the president has not yet made a final decision. Multiple administration sources tell CNN they are concerned and convinced that the president may make a similar announcement about US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, and soon.”

It is unknown if Trump has set plans for these further troop withdrawal or if it’s just something he is strongly considering.  With the massive amount of backlash today over his actions in Syria, perhaps he will put further troop action on the back-burner, at least for now.

Then again, with President Trump, you never really know.

Stay tuned.

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