“We’re Not Gonna Have A Female Socialist President” Trump Displays Misogyny Again At Rally

Donald Trump has been called out for misogyny throughout his presidency — and, in fact, before. He’s made a few very blatant displays recently, including making a “curvy body shape” gesture with his hands when announcing he’d appoint a woman to the Supreme Court, and at a rally Friday, suggesting that a “female socialist president” would be an even worse choice than merely a “socialist president.”

Trump shows his misogyny
[Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]
Speaking at a rally on Friday, Donald Trump was lashing out at Kamala Harris. He announced to the assembled audience that the U.S. would not have what he termed a “socialist president” — and especially not a female one.

We’re not gonna be a socialist nation. We’re not gonna have a socialist president, especially a female socialist president. We’re not gonna have it. We’re not gonna put up with it. It’s not gonna happen.

Trump and some of his surrogates have been pushing the conspiracy theory that Joe Biden will not serve if elected, and will instead hand over the job to his vice president, Kamala Harris. Despite their repeated claims that Biden is incapable of leading, and is suffering from severe dementia, his campaign has also expressed concern about Biden’s superior debate skills, as the pair went into the debate schedule. Biden has shown himself to be clear-thinking and aware of his own policies, and there’s no evidence that he will not serve his term.

As for Trump’s declaration that a female socialist president would be especially unthinkable, it brings to mind his words with the press — or, more to the point, his gestures — before his announcement of Amy Coney Barrett as his SCOTUS appointee.

In the video, note that when Trump says he would appoint a woman to the Supreme Court, he lifts his hands and moves them, perhaps unconsciously, in a gesture that suggests the curves of a body. It’s been recognized as a hint at what Trump thinks of when he considers the value of a woman — not her leadership skills or legal knowledge, for instance.

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