Weisselberg’s Loose Lips Could Torpedo His Defense

By all accounts, indicted Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg had an iron grip on his employer’s finances. But when the long-time money man for former president Donald Trump was being handcuffed, fingerprinted and indicted on July 1 he may have let slip what part of his defense might be for his alleged 15-year tax avoidance scheme.

Court documents reveal that while Weisselberg was being processed he made unprompted comments about the charges against him. “In sum and substance, defendant Allen Weisselberg stated that the commute to work from Long Island was difficult,” according to a defendant statement disclosure. The statement was filed in New York Supreme Court by two district attorney investigators after the accountant’s arrest. He made the comments hours before pleading not guilty to felony charges of tax evasion and grand larceny.

Weisselberg also voluntarily told investigators that he has lived in an apartment on New York’s Upper West Side since 2005, even though he kept his legal address at a small home on Long Island until he sold it in 2013. That admission could provide prosecutors with proof of their charges that Weisselberg avoided paying almost $1 million in local and federal taxes by concealing his true residence in an apartment paid for by the Trump Organization.

Weisselberg’s comments most likely were made without any prompting by investigators because he was in custody and had legal representation. It would have been illegal for law enforcement to interrogate him in that scenario. Weisselberg’s words could be used as evidence at a future trial.

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