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“We Trusted You” Watch as Trump Supporters Berate Fox News Reporters

“We Trusted You” Watch as Trump Supporters Berate Fox News Reporters

There is nothing unusual about Trump supporters berating members of the media. It has been happening every since the president began holding rallies back in 2016. But back then, the threats and verbal attacks were mostly restricted to reporters from either CNN or MSNBC.

Photo by Mark Wallheiser/Getty Images

But the newest enemy on the hit-list is the network who has been enabling Trump all along; Fox News. Trump himself has recently been urging his followers to turn of his former favorite channel and tune into OAN or Newsmax instead. The fans attending the president’s rally in Valdosta, Georgia seem to be listening. On Saturday, multiple Twitter videos were shared of Trump supporters abusing Fox reporters.

Griff Jenkins, a veteran reporter for Fox was the target of much of the abuse. Sarah Gough from Sky News shared one of the videos, captioning it, “Fox News journalists are getting the most abuse from the crowd lining up for Trump’s rally in Valdosta, Georgia. Cries of ‘we trusted you’ and ‘traitors.'”

In another video, a man angrily tells the reporter, “Fox News does not call the election!” This is, of course, a reference to Fox’s early call of the state of Arizona for Joe Biden. That decision infuriated Trump as it prevented him from falsely and prematurely claiming victory on election night. But then again, he did so anyway.

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