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‘We Still Kept the Money’: Donald Trump Admits to Extorting American Allies

‘We Still Kept the Money’: Donald Trump Admits to Extorting American Allies

Former President Donald Trump revealed in an address to the Conservative Political Action Conference on Sunday afternoon that extortion was a key tenet of his approaches to foreign policy during his time in office.

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“Trump suggests that he lied to foreign countries by withholding foreign aid unless certain conditions were met, and then still refusing to provide the aid even after those conditions were met,” Vox’s Aaron Rupar tweeted along with a video excerpt of Trump’s acrimonious speech.

If that plot feels eerily familiar, recall that the ex-commander in chief was impeached – the first time – for attempting to strong-arm Ukraine into providing his 2020 reelection campaign with damaging information about then-Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

The effort failed and Trump was hastily acquitted by the majority-Republican United States Senate.

“And I said, ‘we’re not gonna pay ’em anymore. So after I said that and I stopped payment, like a term that we use in the world of business: ‘let’s stop payment.’ So we stopped payment,” Trump claimed in Orlando, Florida.

“They were delinquent, we stopped payment,” Trump – himself a six-time bankruptcy petitioner – continued, “and they very quickly came to the table and we made a deal very quickly.”

Trump mentioned no specific covenants or countries, however, the self-crowned master dealmaker – notorious for reneging on contractual obligations – then admitted that he stiffed our allies anyway.

“We still kept the money. We still didn’t pay ’em, because, well we made a deal…,” Trump continued, at which point he was interrupted by sinister laughter from the audience.

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Watch Trump’s remarks below:

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