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“We Ought To Have Went With Guns” — If You Think The January 6th Attack Is Over, You Aren’t Listening

“We Ought To Have Went With Guns” — If You Think The January 6th Attack Is Over, You Aren’t Listening

The January 6th attack is in the past, more than a year ago, right? So, why is it still such a focus, with the FBI and Congress still digging into the background? Of course, there’s the obvious fact that they’re still fighting to get to the root of the attack, and whether anyone in the Trump Administration knew it was coming. There’s another serious concern though: while a lot of the participants are sitting in cells, not everyone who was at the Capitol that day is done with the attack.

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The New York Times interviewed a number of individuals who were at the Capitol but didn’t enter the building, individuals who were not charged and are not currently awaiting trial, and are free to head back to D.C. at any time. Some made it very clear they didn’t think the attack, which included threats on the lives of legislators and assaults on the police officers charged with protecting the building and Congress, went far enough.

“Most everybody thinks we ought to have went with guns, and I kind of agree with that myself,” said Oren Orr, 32, a landscaper from Robbinsville, N.C., who had rented a car with his wife to get to the Capitol last year. “I think we ought to have went armed, and took it back. That is what I believe.”

Orr isn’t the only one still defending the attack. The NYT cites other interviews with individuals who have used their presence as a stepping stone into MAGA community success, such as launching an anti-vax law practice.

We’ve seen the ongoing support for the attack, too, with the anniversary events, including far-right legislators voicing their support for the individuals charged in the attack, and pushing disinformation and conspiracy theories about the responsibility for the riot.

Donald Trump had planned a press conference for the day, which he ended up canceling, though he still managed to get plenty of ‘election fraud’ propaganda out during the day — yes, the same propaganda that encouraged the very attack being memorialized on that day.

In fact, there were plans, according to the recent court filings in Oath Keepers cases, for further attacks after the January 6th insurrection failed. Lawmakers investigating the attack have warned that if there aren’t serious consequences for not only those caught in the Capitol Building, but those planning behind the scenes, there’s a high risk of a repeat attack.

Listening to the former president continue to spew election lies at his rallies, to legislators defending the attackers, and to participants themselves discussing the attack, there’s still every indication of widespread support for further attacks on democracy — and next time, the weapons stockpile might not be left behind in another state.

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