Newsmax’s Greg Kelly: It’s OK to Wonder if Biden Actually Won the Election

There is no doubt that Joe Biden won the 2020 election. In fact, it was all that close. The former vice president defeated Trump by over 7 million votes and 74 votes in the electoral college.

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Since the start, though, the hosts of Newsmax have been helping to push Trump’s big lie. And they don’t plan on stopping now that Biden is in the White House. On Tuesday, Greg Kelly told viewers that it’s ok to wonder if Biden really won.

The Newsmax host began, “You see, it’s not that open and shut. Good people had very valid concerns about the election. I’m talking about coast to coast. Lots of people did. It just didn’t add up. Let’s get away from the riot for a moment. People coast to coast — I think we have a pole from Politico, especially Republicans, they did not see this as a fair election. There were serious concerns.”

Kelly continued:

“And by the way, you can’t put this on Donald Trump that he was stirring everybody up. We were noticing this on our own. If you’ll remember after election day, he actually went kind of quiet, by Donald Trump’s standards. He wasn’t tweeting as much. He wasn’t out in public as much. No, we were connecting the dots and checking this out and drawing our own conclusions that, you know what? This is — I don’t know. We just don’t know about this one.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Newsmax and Media Matters :



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