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“We Never Promised to Be Together Forever” Watch as Daily Wire Host Pushes Secession

“We Never Promised to Be Together Forever” Watch as Daily Wire Host Pushes Secession

From 2016-2020, Republicans had one of their own in the White House. During that time period, they were also in control of the senate. And from 2016-2018, they were in control of the House of Representatives.

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But thanks to Donald Trump, the Republican party has now lost all of those majorities. And now that they can no longer get there way, there is plenty of talk about secession. During a recent segment, the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh pushed the idea.

Walsh told his audience:

“That, in fact, is another thing that makes our divide insurmountable and it makes it uncrossable, there’s no bridge that can cross it. Because they hate the country they live in, they have disdain for its history, its culture, its traditions, everything. I would imagine that if they had their own country, they wouldn’t want USA in the name at all. They’d probably want to call it the People’s Republic of North America or something. And that’s fine. They can call it whatever they want because it would be their country. 

Now, the only difference is that in a marriage you’ve made an eternal vow to one another. You have promised to never leave, to stay together in sickness and health until death. That’s reason enough that when you go through that in marriage, you try to struggle through it if you can, you go to counseling, look for a solution. But we as a nation have made no eternal vows. We never promised to be together forever. We can’t promise that. No nation, no nation on earth remains wholly intact forever. Doesn’t happen. Nations are formed, they expand, they break apart, they change, eventually they cease to exist. That’s the cycle of history. We are not exempt from it. And we need to realize that.”

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