“We Need Christ”, Fox’s Ainsley Earhardt Wants Churches Reopened

Most small businesses have been forced to close their doors thanks to COVID-19. And while many of those businesses won’t return on the other side of the pandemic, they have sacrificed for the greater good.

John Lamparski/Getty Images

In most states, Churches of all different kinds of denominations have had to stop holding services. Some have complained, but most have moved to online forms of worship. Fox & Friends host Ainsley Earhardt has had enough of that. During a Sunday spot, Earhardt says that it’s time for Church’s to reopen because “We need Christ.”

Fellow Fox & Friends host Pete Hegseth asked his coworker, “We’re talking about churches wanting to get back out there, wanting to open up. What’s your message to pastors, to people that want to be back in church.”

Oh, my goodness,” exclaimed Earhardt. ” I miss our church. I miss our friends there. I miss our ministers and just the music and everyone being together.”

She continued, “Depending on your region, I understand why people want to open back up. Some of these counties in Michigan that the churches are suing the governor there because there aren’t that many [coronavirus] cases.”

One of the churches Earhardt it referring to had over 900 deaths in their country.

The Fox host finished her message, “So, we need Christ, we need God. A lot of people are hurting, suicides are up and other things are up… A lot of people are sad and are missing their friends and there are consequences to that.”

Watch a video of Earhardt’s comments below, courtesy of Fox News:

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