We Have Heard This Before: Top InfoWars Neo-Nazi Calls for ‘1,000 More Years of the United States of America’

On January 5, 2021, the day before thousands of bloodthirsty, butthurt supporters of President Donald Trump laid siege to the United States Capitol at his behest, InfoWars host Owen Shroyer jazzed up the mob that overtook Freedom Plaza with a speech calling for, essentially, a thousand-year American Reich.

Photo by Zach Gibson/Getty Images

The attack, which left five people dead, was a modern-era burning of the Reichstag, and additional violent fulminations are expected to erupt in state capitals across the country during Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration next Wednesday.

Shroyer has proudly marched alongside neo-Nazis in previous demonstrations.

His seditious propaganda – which would have delighted Joseph Goebbels – was nothing short of a call for further acts of political barbarism:

Well, I can tell you that the evil occupiers of Washington, D.C. did not expect this. And I can tell you that they did everything within their power to stop this from happening. But yet here we are in the rain and the cold. So we salute you. And I can tell you something right now, President Trump is watching this, and he’s very excited at what he sees. And he’s gonna have some big announcements for us tomorrow, I believe.

Thomas Jefferson once said, ‘When the government fears the people, there is freedom.’ But for too long now the people have feared the government. Well, in January 2021, that changes!

And I can tell you that the crooked politicians that occupy our Capitol are in fear right now. You know how I know this? Because they’re scurrying around in secret tunnels to avoid we the people. Right now, as we speak, they’re scurrying around like the little rats that they are to try to avoid you. Now, why would they be doing that? Because they know they’re corrupt. They know they’re criminals. But worst of all, they know that we know.

And unfortunately for them, they’re not winning right now. They may be cheating, but they’re not winning. They thought they could steal this election and get away with it. I anticipate there will be more than a million Trump voters in Washington, D.C. They thought they could fake a pandemic and keep you locked in your home, but yet I see thousands of beautiful smiling faces without a mask, not in fear.

And the theme is four more years for Donald Trump. And while I think all of us can get behind that, I’d like to see 1,000 more years of human freedom and 1,000 more years of the United States of America.

So, despite all the things that they’ve done to try to destroy our morale, despite all the things they’ve done to gaslight us, confuse us, and try to keep us locked inside, we’re here more powerful, more loud, and we’re fightin’ mad.

Watch below, courtesy of RightWingWatch:

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