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We Go High: Michelle Obama to Speak Opening Night of the DNC

We Go High: Michelle Obama to Speak Opening Night of the DNC

Americans have been waiting for Barack and Michelle Obama to speak out against Donald Trump since he was elected in 2016. The Obama’s have at times critiqued the president, but have generally stayed quiet about the job he’s doing. That has changed dramatically over the past 3 months.

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Thanks in part to former Vice President Joe Biden winning the nomination, the Obama’s have done interviews, TV spots and podcasts. And Democrats will get another close look at Barack and Michelle this week as they are both scheduled to speak at the Democratic National Convention.

Michelle Obama will headline the first night along with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. The former First Lady is known for her skill as a speaker. In 2016, she made a notable address where she promised that when Republicans “go low,” Democrats, “go high.”

Presidential tradition could dicate that the 44th President not overly criticize the 45th President. Michelle, though, won’t be expected to act in the same manner.

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Democratic strategist Joel Payne explained, “By the virtue of being an ex-president, there are certain things he’s allowed to say. … His will be a little more careful. So in many ways she’s going to be speaking for her and her husband. She’ll hit closer to the bone for millions of Americans who feel alienated by President Trump and his administration.”

The Democratic National Convention will take place, completely virtually from Monday through Thursday.

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