“We Fart In Their General Direction” — Eric Idle Asks If All Republicans Are Now Lawless, Threatens To Sue

Eric Idle, of the comedy group Monty Python, became the latest to speak up about theft of intellectual property in the way of GOP politicians using a song without obtaining permission. The British comedian responded publicly, suggesting that legal action could be forthcoming, and asking, “Are all Republicans now lawless?” In a further tweet, Idle declared, “We fart in their general direction.”

Eric Idle says Republicans are lawless sone thieves
[Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic]

An ad released this week to attack Democratic congressional candidate Cindy Axne uses the Monty Python song, ‘The Lumberjack Song,’ as a background, revamping the lyrics as, “She’s a liberal named Angry Axne; She wants to take our tax money!”

However, it seems that the rights to the song were never obtained. Eric Idle tweeted that the National Republican Congressional Committee had stolen the group’s song, and threatened legal action, also calling for voters to support Cindy Axne, since the NRCC had used their song without permission to oppose her. He suggested the group would be taking legal action.

However, he didn’t lose his sense of humor. When asked about whether the ad had been taken down yet, he pulled out one of Monty Python’s iconic lines, saying of the ad creators, “We fart in their general direction!”

Numerous artists have complained about Republican politicians using their work without permission, often in direct conflict with the views of the artist or content of the art. Last week, to name an example, John Fogerty of Creedence Clearwater Revival said he found it confusing that Donald Trump would use the song “Fortunate Son.” According to Deadline, Fogerty said, “Back in those days we still had a draft, and something I was very upset about was the fact that people of privilege, in other words rich people or people of position, could use that to avoid the draft and not be taken into the military,” hinting at Donald Trump’s own background, as a person of privilege who avoided the draft and didn’t serve.

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