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“We Don’t Work For You” Watch as Fox’s Neil Cavuto Blasts Donald Trump

“We Don’t Work For You” Watch as Fox’s Neil Cavuto Blasts Donald Trump

While Fox News hosts are typically very complimentary to Donald Trump, the hosts on Fox Business can be a little more critical. This has definitely been true of host Neil Cavuto who has been supportive of the President at times but has not held back criticism when he felt it was warranted.

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The Fox Business host has become increasingly bothered as Trump has ramped up his anger at the Fox Network. On Thursday, Cavuto responded not only to the President’s slams, but also said that Trump should take some responsibility for his actions.

The host began the segment by addressing Trump directly.”First of all, Mr. President, we don’t work for you. I don’t work for you,” said the host. “My job is to cover you, not fawn over you or rip you. Just report on you ― call balls and strikes on you.”

Cavuto continued by listing perceived mistakes Trump has made, “I’m not the one who said tariffs are a wonderful thing. You are. Just like I’m not the one who said Mexico would pay for the wall. You did. Just like I’m not the one who claimed that Russia didn’t meddle in the 2016 election. You did. I’m sorry if you don’t like these facts being brought up, but they are not fake because I did. What would be fake is if I never did.”

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The host closed the spot with a bit of advice, “Hard as it is to fathom, Mr. President, just because you’re the leader of the free world doesn’t entitle you to a free pass. Unfortunately, just a free press.”


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