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“We Can’t Live Forever” Marjorie Taylor Greene Explains Why She Doesn’t Want FDA Approval Of Vaccines

“We Can’t Live Forever” Marjorie Taylor Greene Explains Why She Doesn’t Want FDA Approval Of Vaccines

Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene was recently suspended from Twitter for spreading disinformation about COVID-19 vaccination, but contrary to what she and her ‘cancel culture’ fellow propagandists would have you believe, she hasn’t been silenced at all. She’s continuing to spread anti-vax sentiments and disinformation — and in her latest rant, she explains why she doesn’t want the vaccines to be approved by the FDA, saying, “We’re human. We can’t live forever.”

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Check out this clip of Greene talking about the COVID-19 vaccine. She has already been spreading misinformation about the efficacy of the vaccine, getting her Twitter account cut for falsely claiming that it doesn’t work. Here, she says that the FDA shouldn’t approve it, because once it’s approved, there will be mandates. “We’re human, we can’t live forever, we’re going to catch all kinds of diseases and illnesses and other viruses.”

Greene has refused to say whether she’s received the vaccination herself, claiming (again, falsely) that to even ask her violates her rights under HIPAA, as seen in the clip below from last month.

(HIPAA forbids employers and medical providers from disclosing medical information without a patient’s permission; it does not prevent anyone, including news reporters, from asking, or the individual from asking.)

It’s widely presumed that this is evidence Greene has been vaccinated, even as she discourages her fans from doing so, since someone pushing anti-vax propaganda would presumably find it useful to share if she had refused the vaccine herself.

Officials have expressed a hope and expectation that COVID-19 vaccines will receive full FDA approval later this month.

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