“We Are Not A Match” Capitol Rioter’s Bumble Texts Lead To Arrest

Capitol rioters could teach lessons in How To Get Caught. Aside from carrying out their attack in broad daylight with news cameras present, they took their own photos and videos, posted their activities, including photographic evidence, on social media, and bragged to their friends. Now another participant has been caught after bragging to a potential match on a dating site.

WASHINGTON DC – JANUARY 6 Thousands of Trump supporters violently stormed the Capitol to support the President’s baseless claims and lies that he won the election on January 6, 2021 in Washington DC. Trump has asked his supporters including members of the extremist male chauvinist group Proud Boys to protest the election results. (Photo by Michael Robinson Chavez/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

A screenshot turned over to the FBI by a Bumble user was then used as evidence in the arrest and indictment of one Robert Chapman. According to the Washington Post, the exchange took place a week after the attack, when numerous participants had already been arrested based on evidence in social media posts, or from family and acquaintances recognizing their faces in the video clips and photos released, so perhaps by this point, Chapman should have been aware that boasting about criminal activity was risky business.

The image included in the charging documents has now gone viral on social media.

In the screenshot, the anonymous Bumble user appears to chide Chapman for not answering some question that isn’t visible, then Chapman replies, “I did storm the Capitol. I made it all the way to statuary hall.” He follows that up with boasts that he gave interviews to the Washington Post and Wall Street Journal.

“We’re not a match,” his potential date texts back — then turns him in.

According to NBC New York, police in had also been sent information about a Facebook profile in the name Robert Erick. They were able to connect this “Robert Erick” to the information about Robert Chapman, and use it in the arrest as well.

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