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‘We are at unimaginable risk’ as Trump ‘Will do anything’ To Attain ‘Dictatorial powers’ Says ‘The Art of the Deal’ Ghostwriter

‘We are at unimaginable risk’ as Trump ‘Will do anything’ To Attain ‘Dictatorial powers’ Says ‘The Art of the Deal’ Ghostwriter

The former ghostwriter for President Donald Trump, who helped him pen a bestselling book in the late 1980s, believes that the president will do “anything and everything possible” to attain the same autocratic powers that other strongmen leaders from around the world have.

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In a tweet he posted on Wednesday evening, Tony Schwartz, who helped Trump write “The Art of the Deal” (which was published in 1987), suggested that the president wanted to have the same powers to lead, that Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un have.

Within those countries, a free and critical press is almost nonexistent, and politicians, or even citizens who oppose those leaders, frequently end up behind bars or dead.


Schwartz explained in his tweet that Trump desired to shape his leadership style under similar conditions. “Trump will do anything & everything possible to command dictatorial and authoritarian powers comparable to Putin and Kim Jong-Un,” Schwartz wrote in his tweet.

He further suggested that Trump would try to achieve this goal through any means possible — including thwarting the rule of law, so long as no one can deter him.

Trump “will stop at nothing if he thinks he can get away with it,” Schwartz said. “He will do anything to prevail.”

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Schwartz added that “we are at unimaginable risk” due to Trump’s ambitions to lead in this manner.

Although he had helped Trump in 1987 write his bestselling book, Schwartz has in recent years become a vocal critic of the president. In an op-ed he wrote for the Guardian in January 2018, for example, Schwartz described Trump as an “impulsive, irrational and self-serving” being, who “feels no more shame over his most destructive behaviors than a male lion does killing the cubs of his predecessor when he takes over a pride.”

In that same op-ed, Schwartz said he did admire Trump’s “relentless drive.” But Schwartz also believed that the president “uses this quality solely in the service of his self-aggrandizement and domination,” which “scarcely qualifies as a virtue.”

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